Hyperlocal Healthcare

Hyperlocal healthcare defined

Posted in Uncategorized by Dr. Joy on January 2, 2010

What it is:  primary healthcare offered within a specific defined geographic area

What it is not: it is not based on income or limited by age religous or ethnic affiliation

What it looks like:  a primary care center in a walkable geographic area.  Participants must live in a specific area to benefit from the services.  The providers who work there must also live in said geographic area.

What it provides:  primary care that arises from an emphasis on structural community solutions such as (but not limited to):  sidewalks, bike paths, community gardens, community gatherings for food and festivities – loving your neighbor.

Why walkable is important:  As a provider I know you, can visit you and you can visit me. 

What happens if someone outside walkable distance wants to use services?  They may – but they must then subsidize i.e. pay a higher price for services than a member within the walkable community.

What if I live in the walkable community and have a relative visiting who needs emergent care?:  They are assessed a fee for one time use of services – or they may visit a certain number of times.

How is walkable defined?  Not really scientifically – say, 5 miles.

How is business conducted?  Cash only – no insurance no government monies accepted. 

Why is hyperlocal the way to go?  because I know you and you know me.  Participant community is the basis of health.  Not drugs, not insurance or access to drugs or the physicians/nurse practitioners who provide them.  Simple.


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