Hyperlocal Healthcare

January 1, 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by Dr. Joy on January 2, 2010

I am beginning this blog out of frustration.  I am a Nurse Practitioner, clinician, faculty member in a nursing school and a PhD student in Health Services Research.  How can I make a difference?  The healthcare system is owned by The Government (I hope you know they don’t have your best interests in mind), Big Pharma (please tell me you know they are in collusion with the Government), insurance companies (dare I state the obvious) and the lobbiests of various and sundry Medical and Nursing organizations.

So, dear friends – our sickcare system gets sicker.  I want out of healthcare.  I am sick to death of it.  Discouraged, demoralized and don’t know where to begin – we are hemmed in by forces that are all too big to fail and too powerful to challenge.  We need an army of Davids for these Goliaths.

And really, since I’m stuffed from the holidays, have central heating and all my teeth – should I really give a shit?


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